Danika Yarosh

Photography by Isabella Behravan

Art Direction by Katrina Symonds

Styling by Yasi Moshtael

Hair by Bridget Brager

Makeup by Tony Fleischman

Interview by Maddie Sensibile

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Danika Yarosh is the definition of a risk-taker. The 18-year-old plays Tom Cruise’s daughter in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which comes out this Friday, and after meeting her in person, the casting makes total sense. Like Tom, who’s arguably one of America’s most well-known action heroes, Danika is always searching for a thrill, which as a rather reserved person myself, I totally admire. Riding motorcycles (“it’s invigorating”), flying planes, and drifting high-speed cars are her thing, and she told me her on-screen dad persuaded her IRL parents to let her pursue her pilot’s license. “I would talk to Tom about everything,” Danika explained, “because he’s very passionate about all of the same things that I am.” But the real reason she’s into these heart pumping hobbies? Girl power. “I admire women who aren’t afraid to break the status-quo, who are totally unafraid to be themselves, and to show who they really are to the world without worrying about societal norms.” Read on to learn more about Danika’s journey from dancer to Hollywood daredevil.