Maja the White Witch of L.A.

Photos by Isabella Behravan

Bust out your crystals and your tarot decks, we’re getting hardcore mystical with the hippest witch the west side over. Maja D’Aoust, or Maja the White Witch of L.A. as she’s known ‘round these parts, is not just queen of all things ethereal (because we said so), she’s also rad. as. hell. Which we knew anyway, but after she casually added, “I just want to give DMT to all of Congress so they can be like—Oh shit! Shifted reality is real!” while we were settling in to chat, we knew things were about to get profound as fuck (a hashtag is born…). Read on to hear about the cosmic origin of desire, why we all want to have sex with lead singers (Brandon Flowers, cough cough), and delivering the truth about aliens to a crew of drunk bikers in Joshua Tree.


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