Refinery 29: 39 Best Street-Style Snaps From L.A.'s FYF Fest

Name: Isabella Behravan
What she's wearing: Vintage hat, vintage fringe jacket, Nasty Gal top, & Other Stories jeans, '70s Ted Lapidus sunglasses, Costume National shoes, Nasty Gal socks. 

Describe your style in three words: 
"Crazy, sexy, cool."

Who's the most badass band at FYF and why? 
"Morrissey. I think he's one of the only artists who has something to say. It's incredible that he was able to get meat banned at FYF. He's affecting change in an unprecedented way, and in a world where a lot of artists speak loudly, but don't say very much. He backs it up — and probably saved a few lives in the process."

What's your festival beauty secret? 
"Agent Nateur Holi(stick) Deodorant — it's amazing! It's made in L.A. and has the best ingredients: raw honey, avocado, organic coconut. It's smells like subtle lavender, is way better than perfume, and will keep you smelling great all day under the hot sun. " 

What's the secret to master festival dressing? 
"You should be able to move in everything you wear. You might need to dance, dash backstage or stage dive."

Refinery 29: This is '70s style done right.

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Colorstrology x Rose Theodora

Photos by Isabella Behravan

When we heard there was a nail salon in West L.A. where a gal could get a mani based on her horoscope, we were pretty sure we’d died and gone to lipstick-hippie heaven. Enamel Diction, hub of the “international color culture phenomenon,” paints polish in a whole new light—as purveyor of our subliminal traits and desires (whut??!!). And their on-site astrologist, Rose Theodora—natal chart-reader, art historian, and color curator to the stars (no, like, the actual stars)—is the clairvoyant behindEnamel Diction’s newest nail service: Colorstrology. We sent our resident astrology addict, Remy Ramirez, to test the cosmic waters herself—read on to get all the deets first hand (pun intended)…

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10 Records Every Gal Should Own

So, you just got a record player—and now you need records. But… where do you start? Good question, so we enlisted the help of music expert/Nasty Gal social media maven Isabella to help us track down the top 10 records every girl needs to kick off her collection. (Think of these as classic albums that are sure to stand the test of time.) So, Isabella headed out to the iconic Amoeba Music store in Hollywood to pick out some of her favorite albums. Quick tip for scoring amazing vinyl: “When you buy used, it’s totally cool to check out the record and make sure there aren’t any scratches. Re-issues are great too and very easy to find. Check your local radio station or paper for record swaps. This is the jam if you want to score some rare vinyl, and you’ll probably learn about some awesome stuff you haven’t heard yet. Also, dig through dollar record bins—you can find some gems in there.” All right, let’s get to it!

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